Moonfly Kids has a different approach to photography. 

  We build relationships with our kids. What is their favorite color and toy … do they love ice cream or prefer popcorn?

The beauty of children is that they live in the moment. Their energy and personality take us on a journey where
our images will become more authentic and real.

• Before we schedule any session we do a consultation with you on the phone or in person. During this consultation we discuss where you would like the session to take place … studio or location? What types of images do you already have hanging on your walls? If you have lots of location images then I would suggest the studio.

• What are we shooting for, and what plans do you have for the images once they are created? If we are creating an album then I would suggest the studio. On the other hand, if you are interested in lifestyle (showing the children engaged in their daily activities) we would shoot on location. My favorite location for my kids and families is somewhere meaningful to them.

• What should they wear? It always depends on the final look you have in mind, but first and foremost we want them to look like themselves. Our main concern is that they are well rested, that they are excited to be there and having a good time. We tend to gravitate toward simplicity and focus on the children and their expressions. During our consults we advise parents to get the children to participate in the selection of clothing. If the children select something that you dislike, have them bring it and we can have them wear it for a couple of shots! Sometimes these images are some of the best! Also if they want to bring their favorite blankets, toys or stuffed animals please let them.


Most importantly, pricing is a commonly asked question. Session fees start at $200 which include the consultation and studio or location time. This also includes photo editing and preparation. You will receive 3 fully edited files in large file size for printing and a small file size for social media. Any additional files can be purchased for $79 each.

Just another thing, there is no right or wrong here. We do not use the words “smile” or “cheese” and parents can sit back and relax during the shoot. The children will have fun and are encouraged to be themselves … how else would it be authentic!